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Radka Soul Art

Radka Tiarksova

I was born in the Czech Republic in 1974. The love and fascination of black light painting drew me to Germany at the end of the nineties. I have been living on the Spanish island of La Gomera since 2014.

Above all, the power of colors, their influence on our consciousness, their magic, caught me under their spell and motivated me to go a long way of self-learning. Painting became the focus of my life and in the following years I started to paint on different materials with several media. This process does not end even after 18 years.

I paint what I see when I close my eyes. * Behind the close eyes * is a world that is gentler than the outside world, and I feel the need to make this gentleness visible and to bring it out into the world. I speak to the world through symbols, ancient and new, including my own. My pictures are a silent language and I am grateful for all who understand them.

Coloraboration is a fantastic opportunity for me to expand, to lean on each other, to combine the various talents, gifts and experiences, to go through the process of creation together, and then to see results that say out loud how strong we are together.

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