Golffieber Bonn

Finally there was time for a bigger project again! In the 3D black light mini-golf course “Golffieber” the first room was completely redesigned by Martin Hartmann over the turn of the year 2020/21. Walls, lanes, obstacles and floor together create an incredible rainbow color play of the third kind. With the Chroma Depht 3D glasses it really looks like walking through a hologram. I am of course very happy to be able to realize such a beautiful project in these special times. We all hope that the doors will be opened again soon.

3D Blacklight Panorama
Golffieber Bonn

After completion of the first room I got the order to paint the other 3 rooms. Here was on the existing work of my colleague Eugen further 3D effects, such as fish, added and the tracks redesigned. In the Polar room, the floor was also painted. For the outdoor area, a sign was painted and the weaving lettering was repainted. The whole photo documentation was also done by me.

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