We also print with black light inks. In the world of black light printing, a lot has happened in the last few years. We print up to a size of 145 cm on various polyester fabrics and carpet with UV pigment inks. On T-shirts in high quantities we print in screen printing and for small runs in flex printing.

Blacklight screen printing

In blacklight screen printing, the special challenge is to print in several layers. Since blacklight colors are basically semi-transparent, they always need a white underprint to develop their full luminosity. It is also possible to make a transfer print which can then be printed on almost anything that can be ironed using a hot press. Especially with thick fabrics such as jackets, this is an advantage because the fabric does not “float” on the machine.

Blacklight Flex Print

Flex printing has the advantage of being able to produce a single or small print run without high upfront costs such as films and printing screens. Here it is advantageous to provide already vectorized graphics. If this is not the case we can also do this. Logos and graphics we create according to their wishes.


Black light sublimation printing is the easiest way to produce black light images today. For reproduction of the painted images first a scan with 300 dpi is made to get a sharp and clean graphic. If necessary, this is still post-processed and created for printing.

Blacklight fabric printing

Sublimation printing has developed extremely. All kinds of polyester fabrics can be printed with it. No special print file is needed for printing, so theoretically you can print any photo. The higher the resolution (DPI), the larger you can print. We can print up to a maximum width of 1.45 m. Black light decorations we print up to 2.90 m with a seam in the middle. This requires large sharp files which we can also make on request.


The black light prints can be used for many things. A useful and always popular decoration element is the black light pillow. Gym bags, shoulder bags or small displays are also always welcome.


For Martin Hartmann CAOS CONZEPT) the main business. Since an original painting takes a long time to develop and thus a high sales price it offers itself to produce reproductions. In order to make the art accessible to a wider audience are printed on different formats. The most popular are canvas prints, backdrops and prints on wooden panels.

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