Schwarzlicht Park

This mega project was in the Schwarzlicht Park Denzlingen! 900 square meters of blacklight minigolf and 300 square meters of pit pat alone had to be painted. All tracks had to be repainted and obstacles had to be designed individually. The big highlight for us was that all corners were rounded off with drywall and thus beautiful fluid transitions were possible. For us, this impressive ommissioned work was the key project in founding COLORboration.

Pit Pat in Denzlingen

Pit-Pat is a recreational sport made of a combination of miniature golf and billiards, also called obstacle billiards. The game includes 18 different tables with obstacles, such as sloping hurdles, double jump, diamond and the like. The goal is to hit the hard rubber ball into the hole of the respective table with a few strokes of the cue. There are balls in 4 degrees of hardness, which are assigned to the respective tables. The player with the fewest attempts wins the game.

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