Blacklight commission painting

Blacklight Pit Pat, bowling, laser tag , have also been implemented by us already very beautiful. In principle, we can paint on all media. Water slides, canvases, cloths, metal, walls or house facades everything is possible.

Pit Pat in Denzlingen

Pit-Pat is a recreational sport made of a combination of miniature golf and billiards, also called obstacle billiards. The game includes 18 different tables with obstacles, such as sloping hurdles, double jump, diamond and the like. The goal is to hit the hard rubber ball into the hole of the respective table with a few strokes of the cue. There are balls in 4 degrees of hardness, which are assigned to the respective tables. The player with the fewest attempts wins the game.


Laser Tag at Docks Berlin. Each player gets a vest and a laser ring. The vest has front, back and shoulder sensors, optionally the phaser itself has one or more sensors. If a sensor is hit by an infrared beam (or laser beam), the computer evaluates this hit and the player is given a point deduction, elimination or temporary deactivation. Depending on the system and game, it is quite possible that multiple hits will have a cumulative effect on the amount of time the vest is deactivated.


In the docks there is now also the Laserlight Mission. You have to get through the laser beams without touching them? And then in the shortest time possible? This laser mission has it all! For the first time worldwide with TÜV approval Laserlight Showdesign succeeded in realizing it for unsupervised use in amusement parks, museums or indoor playgrounds. Equipped with a coin checker on request, the installation pays off for the operator after only a few months. This game is addictive and constantly encourages players to beat their best time!


The Mission to Mars multifunctional room was designed by Maximilian Hellweger. It is used for example as a billiard room, card game room or just as a dining room.


In the blacklight island Berlin Steglitz, Maximilian Hellweger was involved in the design of the black light bowling alley in addition to the mini golf course.


Maximilian Hellweger completely redesigned the entrance area of the Dokma discotheque in Neuruppin and painted it with blacklight colors.


We also paint cloths to match the project, which only need to be mounted on site. We have already used this technique in the Swiss blacklight minigolf course Springding.


The server room was painted in collaboration with Maximilian Hellweger and Harald Ochsenfarth in early 2000 with so-called “Invisible” blacklight colors.

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